Happy New Year! How is it possible that it is already 2018?

2017 was a very busy year. There were highlights and low points, but overall it was a good year. I have missed writing here for the past several months, and I hope to make my posts more frequent this year. It is hard to summarize everything that we did this year, but I wrote a poem that we included in our Christmas card this year, so I will share that.

Ode to 2017Spiderman and Ironman visit the Riverhead Aquarium

How to record all our adventures this year;

not sure I can get them all down on here.

2016 ended in poorly as M & M returned to their family,

January to March – we missed them terribly.

Then, back into our lives they returned with a bang,Mutter Museum, Philadelphia

now once a month we hang out as a gang.


Jess went to Philly, and in Washington we marched,

Douglas drank lots to keep from feeling parched.

In Vermont we skied with Gav and her lover;

the Thessins helped Jess find the oldest manhole cover.Women's March Washington D.C.

In Norway we experienced Northern Lights and dogsledding,

the theater, museums and Taylor; our return we were dreading.

Not satisfied with one pole Jessica went to the other,

before taking a trip to Peru with her brother.

Thus from the streets of Buenos Aires to glaciers of El Calafate,Aurora Borealis Norway - Leander - Aurora Safari - Tromso Safari

she found time to visit friends and drink lots of mate.

In June in Peru, Machu Picchu they did see,

the time of their lives for Jessi and Justy.

Douglas refrained from that trip because,

he was doing another trip for a cause.Machu Picchu, Peru

From Oregon to Battery Park on a bike;

you might think that is quite a hike.

But he and Junior did it in four weeks,

down all the valleys and up all the peeks.

With only one stop for a half marathon,Trans America Bike Ride for TBI

which he finished in hours with nary a yawn.

Much awareness and money did he raise;

they gave him an award and beaucoup praise.

Grandma turned ninety and parties were had.

Into the Wrestling Hall of Fame they inducted my dad.Family Reunion

Vivie was born, and we love her a bunch.

But she still isn’t big enough to take out to lunch.

In November to Michigan we did roam,

to visit the Sawyers all gathered at home.

Visitors from Rwanda, Argentina did come.Croton Dam with Fred

Our garden tested Jessica’s green thumb.

The year will end with a last special group.

From Montreal and Venezuela they will troop.

To Celebrate Christmas with the crazy Spates clan,

and for 2018 we will start to plan.In bed with the animals

Lest you think that our animals we are forgetting,

they are all doing well and demand lots of petting.

And so this terrible poem has come to an end.

We hope you are doing well, our friend.


Jessica and Douglas

P.S. Shortly after this poem was published, Kahlua died unexpectedly in our bed on a Saturday night. We are glad that she was able to go from the place that she loved best and that she suffered minimally in the end.

So, I hope that your holidays were all that you hoped they would be and that we will be in contact in 2018.

Happy Homemaking!

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I am a teacher, traveler, artist, writer, homemaker and a whole lot more. In January 2009, I bought the Cape of Dreams. It was the second house that I had ever owned, but it was the first that I bought by myself. I now live in the house with my husband Douglas, our dog Kahlua, and Crème de Menthe, the cat. Because, what life is complete without a little Kahlua and Cream? I love arts and crafts of all kinds, and I refinish furniture as well. We are slowly redoing our entire house. You can read about my projects on my blog www.CapeofDreams.com

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8 comments on “2018!?
  1. D'Arcy H says:

    Jessica, so glad to see a post from you! Happy New Year! Love the poem … it reminds me of the funny poems that my dad’s cousin used to write about her family. So sorry to hear about Kahlua … poor baby. I hope all of the rest of you are doing great!

    • Jessica says:

      The rest of us are doing alright. Things have been rocky. We adopted another dog, and he is a challenge. The cats are still coming to terms with him, but at least they are not fighting the way that they started to after Kahlua died. I hope that all is well in Washington. Give our best to Eric and your brood.

  2. cool to put it in a poem 🙂
    that’s awesome about your dad, congrats!
    so much travelling, i hope 2018 brings you more so i can drool over your photos.
    again, i was so sorry to hear about kahlua.

  3. Stef says:

    Lovely to see you back….I am sorry about Kahlua.

  4. I’m so sorry to read about Kahlua, but somehow it’s nice she went away peacefully with you. I hope 2018 brings you many lovely things!

    • Jessica says:

      I still miss her all the time and feel badly for not treating her as well as I should have when she was alive. I should have taken her for more walks even when I was tired! It’s hard.

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