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Painting It Pink – Pintándolo rosado

Dining room newly painted and decorated

The saga begins on July 19, when I decide that it is time to spruce up the dining room. Besides the unfinished trim, the walls were scuffed and shabby. I have also grown tired of the color that I picked

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Benched – En el banco

Refinishing furniture

Over a year ago Douglas found this small bench in the trash. It was cute, but the back was broken off. He left it on the porch for me to find in the morning. You can see that it has

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How to Cane a Chair – Cómo reparar el mimbre de una silla

Refinishing furniture

Sometime last year, I found this little rocking chair in the trash in my neighborhood. I knew that I should not bring it home because we are trying to get rid of things and not clutter up our home any

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Reupholstering a Curb sale bench

Last spring Douglas found this bench in the trash. It is a cute little piece, but unfortunately it is broken and the upholstery is in appalling condition. On Halloween, I decided that it was time to do something about the

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Painting Outdoor Furniture from the Trash

Newly powder coated cast iron chair

In 2008 I found this white cast iron chair on the curb in the neighborhood where I was living at the time. I made an attempt to sand off the rust at that time, but quickly gave up on it.

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DIY Halloween Graveyard

Doll face in front of a landscaping block tombstone for Halloween

Last November we ran across a number of landscaping blocks on the curb. I would have liked to take them all, but we limited ourselves to three. I thought that they looked a bit like tombstones and planned to use them

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