Damage to My Newly Reupholstered Chair

The other day Douglas noticed this. My newly reupholstered beautiful chair was scratched.

Cat scratched chair

This one tried to look innocent, but I had a feeling that I knew what had happened.

Cat on chaise lounge

Luckily, it only took a couple of snips to cut off the loose threads. It does not look bad, but we have to keep her from doing more damage.

Close up of chair cushion

This was the first solution. I clipped her little claws with a nail clipper. I have been doing this every couple of weeks since she was a baby. She does not even mind. She just lays in my lap and purrs while I do it. Crème is the easiest going cat that I know.

Clipped cat claws

The next solution does not look as good. We will take the towel off when guests come over, but it is going to stay until I am sure that she will leave this chair alone.

Towel on chair

Finally, I put out this piece of carpet. It was actually under the seat cushion on that chair before it was reupholstered. Crème has enjoyed scratching it, so hopefully this will keep my chair safe.

Carpet square on floor

I have had an idea for a DIY scratching post for several months, but I just have not done it. Hopefully, it will happen soon. I want to keep my chair looking beautiful.

Newly reupholstered mid-century chair

Happy Homemaking!


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I am a teacher, traveler, artist, writer, homemaker and a whole lot more. In January 2009, I bought the Cape of Dreams. It was the second house that I had ever owned, but it was the first that I bought by myself. I now live in the house with my husband Douglas, our dog Kahlua, and Crème de Menthe, the cat. Because, what life is complete without a little Kahlua and Cream? I love arts and crafts of all kinds, and I refinish furniture as well. We are slowly redoing our entire house. You can read about my projects on my blog www.CapeofDreams.com

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10 comments on “Damage to My Newly Reupholstered Chair
  1. jenilyn says:

    Martha my dear was redecorating grandma’s chairs that took me so long to reupholster. I used double sided tape for now. Silly kitten cousins!

  2. D'Arcy H says:

    Oh no–I hope she didn’t get the idea from Lacy!! I need to clip her nails, too. She’s also a very compliant kitty … except when it comes to scratching the couch! I have tried double-sided tape, too, but to no avail. It looked ugly, collected hair, and she just scratched next to it. Good luck!!

    • Jessica says:

      She has not touched the chair since, but we do still have the towel on it. Hopefully, it was a one time thing. I don’t think Lacy gave her the idea, but I will ask her!

  3. Have you any left over fabric? You could put some on the chair: you still get the look, but it’s not too bad if Crème scratches it. I used that trick on one of my chair. The cats don’t scratch it, but they are outdoor kitties, so sometimes they are pretty dirty when they think “hey, what if I came home to nap on that gorgeous chair of my human?”

    • Jessica says:

      That is a smart trick, but I do not have any left over material. The towel does the trick for now. Doesn’t look as nice, but we can take it off when company comes over.

  4. Jude says:

    Oh, how annoying!!

    Humph is wrecking our carpets right now – which is unusual as he isn’t usually a scratcher. Trimming his claws though? Blimey! We’d have no chance!

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