Decking the Halls

Christmas is coming! I have been unusually busy this year, and I will be leaving the night of December 20 for Venezuela, so I have not been able to do much decorating this year. I like to make wreaths from fresh greenery, but I did not get the chance to make any this year. I was lucky to get the tree put up. Douglas did help me decorate it one night last week. Here is the tree with all of the lights and ornaments, with and without flash. The curb-sale drum makes me think of one of my favorite Christmas songs, “Little Drummer Boy.” This is a unique version by Bing Crosby and a very young David Bowie.

Christmas tree

I use a blanket as a tree skirt. The red combines well with the vintage red suitcase I pulled out of the trash this summer. Crème seems to approve.

Cat under Christmas tree

I always think about having a theme tree, but in the end I always end up putting up all of my decorations. I like the look of all the colors on the tree. I do not want it to look too “perfect.” All of the decorations on my tree have special meaning for me. My mom buys each of us kids an ornament every year. Here are a few of the ones from her.

Christmas tree ornamentsChristmas tree ornamentsChristmas tree ornaments

The head of my department also buys each of the teachers an ornament each December. This year I had to be careful about the ornaments I hung because of Crème. I was afraid that she would break anything fragile. Therefore, I was not able to hang many from him, but this is a nice one.

Christmas tree ornaments

Many of my things that I hang on the tree are not ornaments. These are the id tags that the dogs used to carry. Both Freckles the Freak and Sambucca passed away at ripe old ages of 15 and 17 in 2011, but their memory will always live on in our memories and on our tree.

Christmas tree ornaments

This is the tassel from the mortar board I wore for my high school graduation. What else is there to do with them? If you look closely enough, I am dating myself.

Christmas tree ornaments

This bell was from a wedding I attended with my brother when one of his friends got married. The berries were attached to the ribbon on a gift from one of my students. I bought the chili peppers that are on some of the lights my sophomore year in college when my roommate and I decorated our first apartment together.

Christmas tree ornamentsChristmas tree ornaments

Many decorations came from other countries and were not designed as ornaments either, but they are good reminders of my travels. The Quetzal came from Costa Rica, as did the X and the O. I picked those letters to represent kisses and hugs.

Christmas tree ornamentsChristmas tree ornamentsChristmas tree ornaments

The dancing girl “ornament” is made from seeds. I bought it on a trip to Angel Falls in Venezuela. The red decoration is from Korea. I was there visiting a former student. It was made to adorn a cell phone, but I like it on my tree.

Christmas tree ornamentsChristmas tree ornaments

Here is one last look; I love my Christmas tree.

Christmas tree

Happy Homemaking!

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