DIY Halloween Zombie Costumes

Douglas and I decided to reuse our wedding clothing and be a zombie bride and groom for Halloween.

Zombies for Halloween

After our wedding ceremony on June 29, we did a shoot in the cemetery. We were kissing when we realized that there were zombies coming out from behind the gravestones. We tried to run, but I am not that fast. We might have been able to get away, but I kept looking back. The zombies got me, and I went down. Douglas ran away, but he soon realized that he did not want to live his life without me. He came back and was able to wrest me from the grip of the zombies, but unfortunately, it was too late. The zombies had already converted me. Soon I converted Douglas, and our true selves came out this Halloween.

Zombie wedding shoot

I had to do some research how to do the makeup. I found this website to be the most helpful. I had to buy liquid latex. I bought that here. I wish that I had bought eye black and fake blood at the same time. Douglas had to go to the store to buy those. I was too impatient to wait for him to get back, so I started working on myself right after he left. The first step was to paint on some liquid latex. I put it on my leg, arm and face. It dries clear. In these pictures I had already put on green lipstick that was given to me years ago as a promotion for the Broadway play, Wicked.

Liquid latex on armLiquid latex on legLiquid latex on face

Then, under Crème’s supervision, I put toilet paper on and covered it with more liquid latex. Two things that I learned too late were that it is important to put another layer of liquid latex under the toilet paper to make it stick better, and that it is better to tear the toilet paper so that it does not look square. I put on more makeup while I was waiting for this to dry.

Toilet paper on liquid latexToilet paper on liquid latexToilet paper on liquid latex

The next step is to tear the toilet paper. In the instructions, they said that it might be necessary to use something sharp to make the tears, but I was afraid of cutting myself. I was able to do it with my fingers no problem.

Step 3 zombie costumeStep 3 zombie costumeStep 3 zombie costume

I was unsure of what to use so that the toilet paper would not be white. I tried several kinds of makeup that I already owned and found that what worked the best was the powdered blush by BareMinerals®. I also used red lipstick and brown eyeliner. I was finished.

Step 4 zombie costume add makeupStep 4 zombie costume add makeupStep 4 zombie costume add makeup

When Douglas got back, I started on him. It was a shame that I sent him, because we could have just used what I already had. His make up went faster because I already knew what to do. First, I gave him some eye black and then put on the liquid latex and toilet paper. We did his face, neck, and and foot. We chose the foot with the broken toe. It is looking much better but is still not normal. If you did not know that he broke his toe, you can read about it here.

Zombie makeupZombie makeupZombie makeup

I spilled a little bit of the liquid latex while I was working on my makeup, but I spilled a lot while doing Douglas’. Luckily, it is easy to clean off of tile once it dries. It is also easy to clean off skin, unless there is hair on that skin. There is now a lot less hair on Douglas’ legs. They are still super sexy though, are they not? They are what first attracted me to him.

Zombie makeupZombie makeup

More makeup and torn latex, and he was set to go.

Zombie makeupZombie makeupZombie makeup

He looks pretty convincing if I do say so myself.

Zombie makeupZombie makeup

Just two zombies showing off their legs and holding hands.

Zombie makeupZombie makeup

We got dressed. I decided not to use my wedding dress although I did use all of my wedding accessories. I found a very similar dress at the Goodwill near my house. I bought it for $9. It has some snags, so I did not feel guilty about ruining it. I made a tear to show off my leg and dripped some fake blood on it.

Female zombie

Douglas did use his suit from the wedding. We made quite the zombie pair.

Zombie couple

Here are some closeups. Douglas blackened his teeth. I probably should have done that as well.

Halloween Zombies

And here we are at our party.

Zombie couple

We also stopped by to scare some of our students who were babysitting for a friend of ours. They opened the door a crack, saw Douglas and slammed it again. Once they heard who it was, they opened it back up, though.

Zombie knocking at door

Overall, I would say that the night was a success for everyone but Scooby Doo.

Halloween Zombies with Scoobie Doo

Happy Homemaking!

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10 comments on “DIY Halloween Zombie Costumes
  1. jenilyn says:

    you guys are hilarious! i am impressed with your make-up. very professional!

  2. Stacey says:

    AWESOME! Love the whole idea and the pictures are spooktacular!

  3. At first I couldn’t believe you destroyed your dress… but okay, goodwill. That fake skin is too creepy. Cute that your hubby was into it with you!!

    Paul and I went out as a bride and groom for Halloween too, two months after our wedding. It was fun, but wearing a fifteen-pound dress is not actually comfortable.

  4. I’m so glad the make-up tutorial you found worked! I’m excited to do the zombie look on my son this year…I think I’ll go with the latex and T.P. too! Thanks for stopping by my round up of Zombie Make-Up Tutorials =) Marcy @ day2day SuperMom

  5. That is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the zombie wedding pics!!! And love your costumes! I’m going to remember that liquid latex + toilet paper + makeup trick! It looks so real!

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