Painting It Pink – Pintándolo rosado

The saga begins on July 19, when I decide that it is time to spruce up the dining room. Besides the unfinished trim, the walls were scuffed and shabby. I have also grown tired of the color that I picked seven years ago. It was time for an update.

La saga empieza el 19 de julio cuando decido que es hora de embellecer el comedor. Además de la moldura que nunca terminamos de pintar, las paredes estaban rayadas y gastadas. El color que había escogido hace siete años ya no me gustaba. Hacía falta una novedad.

Dining room

By the afternoon of July 24, I had finished painting all of the trim around the windows and doors, as well as the baseboards. Even this was a big improvement.

El 24 de julio por la tarde, había terminado de pintar la moldura alrededor de la puerta y las ventanas tanto como el rodapié. Aún ese poco era una mejora.

Dining room mid painting

On my birthday, I painted the crown molding and the first coat of the edging. Then, I dragged the table and chairs back in for dinner with my mother and a friend the following day.

El día de mi cumpleaños, pinté las molduras de corona y los bordes de las paredes alrededor de las molduras y las esquinas. Después puse los muebles de nuevo para cenar allí con mi mamá y amiga el día siguiente.

Dining room mid painting

On July 27-28, I finished the trim and edging in the hallway and the dining room, as well as the first coat of paint rolled on the walls.

Los días 27 y 28, terminé de pintar las molduras y los bordes del corredor y el comedor junto con la primera capa de pintura en las paredes.

Hallway mid painting


The second and final coat was completed on July 29. I used Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint, and it did not really seem to need a second coat. However, I wanted to make sure that I did it right. The color looks really rich.

La segunda y última capa de pintura se terminó el 29 de julio. Usé la pintura de Aura de Benjamin Moore y no parecía hacer falta una segunda capa. Sin embargo, quería asegurar que se viera bien. El color es suntuoso y me encanta.

Dining room newly painted

On the 30th, I got all of the furniture back in the room. Ponche helped.

El 30, coloqué los muebles de nuevo. Ponche me ayudó.

Dining room newly painted

You might have noticed that there is something different in there. I found this round table in the trash that week. It took just about my strength to get it in the truck before my friend helped me get it in the house. I have wanted a round table for a while, but I still have not decided whether we should keep it. What do you think?

¿Te diste cuenta de que hay algo diferente en la habitación? Esa semana había encontrado la mesa redonda en la basura. Me costó muchísimo subirla al camión antes de que una amiga me ayudó a traerla adentro. He querido una mesa circular por mucho tiempo, pero aún no he decidido retenerla o no. ¿Qué piensas tú?

Trash table in dining room

The final step was to return the decor. I decided to change things around. Ponche helped me decide where things should go. We like to mix things up.

El último paso fue colocar los adornos en las paredes. Decidí cambiar algunas cosas y Ponche me ayudó otra vez con decidir qué poner y dónde. A nosotros nos gusta mezclarlo todo.

Dining room newly painted and decorated

Now that the dining room and hall are painted, I am anxious to finish the living room. It will look so much better. I only hope that we can get it done before the dining room needs repainted.

Ahora que he pintado el comedor y el pasillo, estoy ansiosa por pintar el salón de estar también. Se verá mucho mejor. Solo espero hacerlo antes de que haga falta pintar el comedor de nuevo.

Wall of the living room newly painted and decorated

Happy Homemaking!

¡Espero que todos tus sueños caseros se cumplan!

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11 comments on “Painting It Pink – Pintándolo rosado
  1. Barbara H. says:

    Isn’t it a relief to get a big job finished? It looks good. Nice and fresh and clean. No help here on which table to use – they both look good. The bench against the wall throws it off a little in the picture but it probably is just fine in real life. Pictures can be very deceiving. Congratulations.

    • Jessica says:

      It is awesome to check these items off the list. We still have not decided about the table. It might take us a while. There are pros and cons to both.

  2. D'Arcy H says:

    I really, really, really like this color! I’d love it in our bedroom, but I already have way too much to finish painting to even think about it. The trim looks great, too. I like the round table–it gives you a little more wiggle room around the sides. Good job!!

    • Jessica says:

      The color is so beautiful that I am already thinking of all the other rooms I could paint! Lol. Now if I only had the time. The round table is actually wider, but it is much easier to maneuver around.

  3. It’s such a relief when a huge job like this one is done, isn’t it? The colour looks wonderful, both rich and soft and created a great light in the room.

  4. Alison says:

    It’s beautiful. And the round table is growing on me! I wasn’t sure at first, but I really like it.

    • Jessica says:

      I had to put the old table back for now, simply because we have not sold it yet, and there is no other place to put it. I love that table, but the round one works so much better in the space.

  5. Love the new paint. It’s such a happy color. I also like the round table. What a find! Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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