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More Paint! – ¡Más pintura!

After picking up the paint brush a couple of weeks ago, I just could not put it down. It is just so much fun to see the transformation occur right before my eyes. First I painted the door. Después de

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Adult Sized Blanket Fort – Fuerte de manta tamaño adulto

Basement update

Today it is snowing in New York! We finally have our snow day after waiting two years. If you are looking for me, I will be curled up by the fire, watching movies and grading papers. What’s that you say?

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Cleaning out the Basement… AGAIN!

Newly cleaned basement

It is no longer a secret that we have trouble keeping the basement clean. We have too much stuff, and we are typically the only ones that see our basement. Although we are pretty good about keeping the rest of

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Into the Closet

Kitten attacking a floor steam cleaner

What I am about to share with you has never before been published online. It has been our dirty little secret for a long time now. First of all, because it is difficult to photograph, but mostly because it is

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Organizing the Basement Workshop

Basement organization

This post was planned for Wednesday, but on Tuesday afternoon our power went out for about five hours, which prevented me from writing it. Instead Douglas and I played Boogle by headlamp. As that is my favorite game in the

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New Couch

Red Ikea couch

Don’t worry. The circular purple velvet couch is still in the house. We are still loving it. The problem area was down in the basement. We had several armchairs down there, but there was no place to snuggle.   The

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