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The Walls are Falling in on Us – Se caen las paredes encima de nosotros

Cracks in drywall resulting from insulation gone bad

OK. I might have exaggerated that title a bit, but the walls do have huge cracks running down them. I was hoping to give you the annual tour of the house today, but that is going to have to wait.

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Children’s Bookshelf – El estante de los niños

Unorganized Bookshelf

Both Spiderman and Ironman loved to have books read to them. Every night we would read to them for a couple of hours before they went to sleep. I was once worried that our tenant upstairs would call the police

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Repairing the Rug – Reparando la alfombra

Cat under a rug

Thank you to all that took the time to respond to my post last week. I honestly planned to work on the house numbers, the living room door or paint the kitchen this weekend. Then, my mother called and convinced

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Benched – En el banco

Refinishing furniture

Over a year ago Douglas found this small bench in the trash. It was cute, but the back was broken off. He left it on the porch for me to find in the morning. You can see that it has

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In bed – En la cama

Our unmade bed

The living room is not the only room in our house to have seen some changes recently. The bedroom is also looking different these days. Here it was back in August. La sala no es el único cuarto de cambiar

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“New” Bed – Una cama nueva

Newly painted trundle bed

We have not been very productive lately, but there is one project that we can check off the list. Five weeks ago, we packed up my great grandmother’s bed that had lived in our guest room, and took it to

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