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Children’s Bookshelf – El estante de los niños

Unorganized Bookshelf

Both Spiderman and Ironman loved to have books read to them. Every night we would read to them for a couple of hours before they went to sleep. I was once worried that our tenant upstairs would call the police

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Heartbreak – Angustia

The boys

We were excited for Christmas this year with the boys. All of our plans had been made, decorations had been hung, gifts had been purchased, stockings had been colored… and then on Friday we received a shocking call. The boys

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Preparing for the Boys – Preparando para la llegada de los chicos

Teatown Hike

The weekend before the Spiderman and Ironman arrived at our house, we did a few projects to prepare for their arrival. We also spent the last alone time that we will have for a while. We had breakfast at a

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