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More Curtains? – ¿Más cortinas?

Living Room Curtains

Curtains, curtains and now more curtains? Of course! is there any other answer to that question? We definitely needed to get the last ones hung in the living room. First, Douglas had to put the hardware back up, and then

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And…curtain! – ¡Y… cortina!

New curtains in the dining room

Since August, I have entered a state of inertia the minute I walk through the door to my house. At work, I have have been extremely productive, but as soon as I get home, I seem incapable of getting even

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New Dry Wall – Nueva Tabla Roca

New drywall patches

The alternative title for this post could be – It is Advantageous to Speak Spanish! I am not sure how long the dry wall saga would have dragged out if it had not been for the fact that I had

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