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Painting It Pink – Pintándolo rosado

Dining room newly painted and decorated

The saga begins on July 19, when I decide that it is time to spruce up the dining room. Besides the unfinished trim, the walls were scuffed and shabby. I have also grown tired of the color that I picked

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Painting for My Birthday – Pintando el día de mi cumpleaños

Painting the dining room

Last week I posted this picture on Facebook and asked people what they thought was going on. Several people thought that I had bought a new rug, including Douglas, who expressed his incredulity from the road. In fact, I had

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Decisions, Decisions – Decisiones

Pink paint swatches

This weekend, I was planning to get a lot of work done. I had decided that I was not going to my high school reunion because I had been traveling too much this summer, needed to save money, had work

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