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Painting It Pink – Pintándolo rosado

Dining room newly painted and decorated

The saga begins on July 19, when I decide that it is time to spruce up the dining room. Besides the unfinished trim, the walls were scuffed and shabby. I have also grown tired of the color that I picked

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Painting for My Birthday – Pintando el día de mi cumpleaños

Painting the dining room

Last week I posted this picture on Facebook and asked people what they thought was going on. Several people thought that I had bought a new rug, including Douglas, who expressed his incredulity from the road. In fact, I had

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Decisions, Decisions – Decisiones

Pink paint swatches

This weekend, I was planning to get a lot of work done. I had decided that I was not going to my high school reunion because I had been traveling too much this summer, needed to save money, had work

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It’s the Little Things – Son las cosas pequeñas

Kitchen counter

When you own a house, there is a never-ending list of things to do. Sometimes, they are excited things like getting the entire exterior repainted or replacing the counter. Other times it is that the bit of wall where the

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Je t’adoor – Amo la puerta

Newly painted door

Yes, I know that I spelled the French incorrectly. It is supposed to be a play on words. Did you get it? I love my door. I am not sure why I did not paint it earlier. Oh, yes I

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Painting on Glass – Pintar en vidrio

Painting glasses

A couple of weeks ago I went to my mother, and she put me to work. I guess it is only fair since I always have projects for her to do when she comes to visit me. She wanted to

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