Travel is a large and important part of my life. I actually have always said that I hate to travel, but I love to be in new places. Therefore, traveling is the evil I endure in order to be where I want to be. At first, I was determined not to include my travels on this blog, since the primary focus is supposed to be homemaking/ renovation. However, my home reflects my travels and influence my decor, so I feel that I would be remiss not to mention my visits to the places that have shaped my life.

Costa Rica

Here are the posts that I have written thus far about my adventures. You can click on the link to open each post. I am currently writing a post about our recent trip to China every Monday for the next couple of months. There is so much to tell about our adventure there!

Norway – Tromsø Villmarkssenter – 2017

Lake Placid and Letchworth State Park – New York 2016

Argentina – School Visit, Sofi’s ApartmentBelgranola Recoleta, el MALBA, Puerto Madero, Downtown Buenos Aires, Palermo, Museo LarretaESMA, San Telmo, la Plaza de Mayo, Museo Histórico Sarmiento, Mendoza and the Andes Mountains– 2016

México – Arrival, Chichén Itzá, Tulum, Coyoacán, México D.F. – 2016

London, Edinburgh, Scotland 24 March, 25 March, 27 March, 28 March, 29 March & Stirling – 2016

Long Island, Michigan, Indiana, Chicago, Milwaukee, Boston, New Hampshire – 2015

Lake Placid, Montreal, Quebec – 2015

Tárcoles, Dos Brazos del Río Tigre, El Salto + Hospedaje El Ceibo, Canopy + la playa de Ñeque, Matapalos, Mudslide, Golfo Dulce, Community Service and KayakingPuerto JiménezPlaya Perla, Costa Rica – 2015

Washington, D.C. / The Smithsonian Zoo / Harper’s Ferry – 2015

The Christmas City – Bethlehem, PA – 2015

Winter Break Trip – Michigan and Indiana and Chicago – 2015

Maine – 2014

Oklahoma in June – 2014 & Oklahoma City Riverwalk – 2014

Texas, Illinois and Long Island – 2014

ChinaArrival, The Great Wall, 798 Art District, The Forbidden City, The Temple of Heaven Park, Nanluogu Xiang and the Hutong, Lama Temple and Natooke, Shanghai – March 20, Shanghai – March 21, Shanghai – March 22, Shanghai – March 23Hangzhou – Part I & Part II, Shanghai – March 25, Shanghai – March 26 2014

Florida 2014

How We Spent Thanksgiving 2013

Montana On My MindHello Yellowstone!Animals and Bear Spray – 2013

Cost Rica Part I & Part II – 2013

Folly Beach, South Carolina – 2013

Since I’ve Been Gone- Venezuela – 2012

Christmas in the Tropics – 1992

Happy Travels!

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