More Basement Progress

Slowly but surely we are cleaning and organizing the basement clutter. By we, this time, I mean me. Douglas has been really helpful on most of the household projects, but organization is not his forte. I have taken charge and am determined to finish this in the next couple of months. Last week I focused on the “storage” section of the basement.

Messy basement

Everything is now contained in bins and boxes. The floor is cleared off and everything is up on shelves. I feel so much better now that the space is organized. Some of those plastic bins are empty or nearly so. The cardboard boxes and some of the plastic containers contain things that we are going to get rid of. We may hold onto these things until next summer and have another garage sale. However, if we need the space sooner, I will take the boxs to Goodwill. Part of me just wants to get rid of it as fast as I can.

Organized basement

There are three more sections of the basement that still need organized. We have it divided into five sections: a sitting room, office, laundry room, storage area and workshop. You can see all the pictures of the mess here. So far, I have organized the sitting room and storage space. The office and workshop are going to be hard for me to clean because the majority belongs to Douglas. However, if he does not do it soon, I will do it. Be warned, Douglas, you had better get on it!

Organized basement

I start back to work this week, so there are no more trips for me in the near future. Hopefully this means that more projects will be completed around the house. Keep your fingers crossed!

Organized basement

Happy Homemaking!

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2 comments on “More Basement Progress
  1. Andrea says:

    Wow, i love the way you made that first photo. Organizing things is also not one of my most favored characteristics. I am sure it is very difficult to sort things out and put in one box. Maybe there are minds who are really good at it.

    • Some people are definitely more naturally inclined towards organization. I am one those people; I actually love to organize things. However, I believe that organization can be learned. One of the most important things is to learn to give things up if there is not a place for them.

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