Naked No More

Our floors that is…get your mind out of the gutter. The lower regions of our living and dining rooms are now dressed in oriental finery as is proper and good.

Oriental rug detail

In the past couple of months, I have become a bit of a Craigslist junky. There are specific pieces that I feel we need to complete my vision for our home. Douglas is fairly content with what we have, but I have more grandiose plans. I have made some great finds along the side of the road and several of them will be staying, but there are other things that I am looking for that I have not yet come across on the curb or at any yard sales. Enter Craigslist. You might remember my post about our new china cabinet a couple of weeks ago.

Oriental rug detail

Well, for the past month, I have been looking at oriental carpets. I have wanted one for quite a while, and I thought it would not hurt to look. Good wool oriental carpets are EXPENSIVE. However, I have found that you can get good deals on Craigslist, especially if you wait and keep checking frequently.

Oriental rug detail

Last week I found someone, Joe, who was selling five oriental rugs. Three of them were in the size range that I was looking for and also fell within our budget. I planned to buy one, maybe two if I could get him to come down a little on the price.

Oriental rug detail

When we got to Joe’s house, we both fell in love with one of the rugs. It has beautiful bold colors and also combined red and purple. Those are my two favorite colors. There are already two red chairs in the living room, and I plan to reupholster the couch and chaise lounge in purple velvet. This rug would tie them all together. Purple is a rare color to find in a wool rug, and to be honest there is not any purple in this carpet either. What looks like purple here is blue surrounded by red. As you know, red and blue make purple, and here your eye is tricked into seeing purple where none exists. It still fits my purpose.

Oriental rug

We could have just bought that one rug, but I also really liked this red one as well. I felt that it was a good price, and I would regret leaving it behind. I asked Joe for a discount if we took two of the rugs. He told us that he would take $55 off of the price for the three of them if we took all three. He is a good negotiator.

Oriental rug

Douglas and I went outside to discuss it. We decided that it was a good deal. The third rug was not our favorite, but it was a nice rug for a good price. We decided that we could always sell it ourselves if we did not want it for our house.

Oriental rug

I asked Joe for an additional $10 off of the total price, and he agreed. We were the proud owners of three beautiful carpets. Of course, on the way home I came up for an arrangement that would use all three.I have a feeling they will all be staying…at least for a while.

Oriental rugs

Our living room setup is unique because we have the circular couch, which was also a Craigslist find. We put the rug that we liked the least under that couch. I think that it frames it nicely. It also hides the section of that carpet that was repaired.

Oriental rug with circular couchOriental rug with circular couch

Our favorite rug was given a place of prominence in the middle of the living room floor. Douglas found it odd that I set it at an angle, but I think it draws more attention to it. This really is a gorgeous rug.

Oriental rug in living room

As you can see Kahlua highly approves of it. Since we got her, she has preferred to lie in corners of the rooms. Her favorite spot is in the bedroom corner. She will occasionally venture into the living room, but when she does, she lies on the door mat in the corner. Since, we put this rug down, however, she has been lying on it in the middle of the room. We are glad that she feels more comfortable in the room with her new carpet.

Dog on Oriental rugDog on Oriental rug

The third rug went under the dining room table. I love how the red goes with the chairs. I do not like the black and white with the new rug, but that will change soon. I am planning to refinish my great-grandmother’s dining room table to replace the black and white one that I will be selling in a yard sale or on Craigslist. I have also purchased new fabric for the seats.

Oriental run in dining roomOriental run in dining room

Overall, I am thrilled with our purchase. I think that the rooms look much more finished with the carpets. What is your opinion of the new finery on our floors?

Oriental rug in living roomOriental rug in living roomOriental rug in living room

Happy Homemaking!

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I am a teacher, traveler, artist, writer, homemaker and a whole lot more. In January 2009, I bought the Cape of Dreams. It was the second house that I had ever owned, but it was the first that I bought by myself. I now live in the house with my husband Douglas, our dog Kahlua, and Crème de Menthe, the cat. Because, what life is complete without a little Kahlua and Cream? I love arts and crafts of all kinds, and I refinish furniture as well. We are slowly redoing our entire house. You can read about my projects on my blog

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6 comments on “Naked No More
  1. leeann says:

    looks great. you have a good eye.

  2. Darla Gahan says:

    I love the rugs!

  3. D'Arcy H says:

    Great score with the rugs! Love the colors … and I love your circular couch! Looks like it might have been born a banquette, like you’re using it now. It’s crazy cool! You are really collecting some interesting furniture and accessories. It all gives your home great character!

    I have avoided craigslist, myself, because we already have waaaay too much stuff. I should actually be SELLING on craigslist!!

    • Aren’t those rugs amazing? I can’t stop looking at them. I really shouldn’t be on Craigslist either. We have way too much, but we are having a garage sale this weekend. I keep rotating furniture through. The problem is that Douglas has a hard time letting things go.

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