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This list began as a quasi new year’s resolution. I started the list of projects that I wanted to accomplish in the house in January of 2013 with the post “The Neverending Story of Home Renovation.” It goes beyond 2013, however, and we are adding new projects all the time. I do not believe we will we will ever be truly finished. Click the date beside the finished projects to see pictures and read the story of our adventures in home renovation.

Living RoomDoor that needs painted

Dining RoomBrass Chandelier



  • put mop and broom in closet September 2015
  • paint linen closet
  • paint closet
  • organize linen closet
  • organize coat closetNew new frames and pictures
  • finish painting – I ended up painting it a different color – PINK! July 2017
  • hang pictures of Kahlua and Crème
  • reframe and rehang Bucca’s picture
  • fix rug March 2013
  • change doors on closet


  • paint closetJewelry box needs fixed
  • organize closet
  • fix hole in ceiling
  • repaint ceiling
  • hang lamp June 2013
  • fix bed
  • refinish jewelry box
  • refinish dresser (Replaced by armoire) August 2013
  • replace screens and windows April 2013Hole in ceiling
  • fix rugs April 2013 and February 2017
  • Change doors on closet

Spare Room

  • paint walls September 2014
  • paint trimDresser needs refinished
  • paint closet
  • organize closet
  • refinish dresser
  • touch up night stand
  • find home for paintings These were taken to Goodwill after our yard sale May 2016.
  • replace screens and windows April 2013
  • Change doors on closet


Stairs to Rental Unit

  • paint wallsWalls need painted
  • carpet stairs
  • hang paintings
  • reinforce stairs


YardPatchy grass

Outside of HouseFront stoop

Over seven years have now passed since I purchased the Cape of Dreams, and slowly but surely the projects are getting done. Of course, new ones are constantly being added to the list, but I do not let that get me down! I am proud of all we have accomplished in our little home.

Happy Homemaking!

Porch floor needs workOld tileNeed new knobs


4 comments on “Project List
  1. Dl Mathieu says:

    What an ambitious list. I need you to come live with me – you are on the ball. I am glad you posted your list, it is inspiring me.

  2. nancy says:

    Hey, I just moved into my new darling husband’s 1940’s house and he has the same red front door with iron handrails and concrete steps. His handrails are rusty at the bases and the concrete has some cracks. We were planning to haul the whole steps away and build a smallish porch. (We don’t want to extend the roof and all that.) A neighbor just took down his handrails and is building a wooden porch over the steps. We were so surprised we never thought of that ourselves. Makes the job less daunting. What do you plan to do with your entrance?

    • I would love to have a front porch, but it isn’t in the budget right now. In the meantime, the cement stoop is staying, but I plan to do a tile mosaic on the front of the steps. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will work out well because this is the first time I will do a mosaic!

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