Stopping the Fraying on a Wool Rug

We bought our oriental carpets on Craigslist over a year and a half ago. I have loved the look that they add to the living and dining rooms.

Oriental rugs

Despite their beauty, they are not in perfect condition. We knew this when we bought them, but we liked them enough to overlook their flaws. However, the one rug was starting to fray on two corners, and as time passed, or more specifically as the vacuum cleaner passed, the fraying was increasing.

Fraying edge on oriental rugFraying edge on oriental rug

I wanted to stop the fraying before it got any worse and bought some wool yarn. I could not find any at the store that I went to that had a solid color, but I decided to go with what they had rather than to look anywhere else. The wool along the borders is not all one color anyway.

Wool yarnWool yarn

It was just a matter of sewing a flat seam along the border. I had to use a couple of pieces of yarn and knotted them through the bottom.

Sewing the border of a fraying oriental rugSewing the border of a fraying oriental rug

Once I finished the one side I did the other. The entire project took me about twenty minutes.

Sewing the border of a fraying oriental rug

Now the rug looks much better and will resist further damage.

Sewing the border of a fraying oriental rugSewing the border of a fraying oriental rug

Happy Homemaking!

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4 comments on “Stopping the Fraying on a Wool Rug
  1. It does look a lot neater, great idea!

  2. Just the kind of project that takes a while to get to but is so important to maintaining vintage belongings. You did a nice job. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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